Born tao men Vs Mashambani Breeds..

Ladies, let me give you some MEN secret.

The men who are born and bred in town, due to exposure to media and the world views most are romantic, have learned the art of treating a woman from what they watch on TVs all the time and if they put that to practice they are good at it. But that is where it ends as most are pretenders thus ending up as players.

The born town men are also brought up eating artificial foods, processed foods etc. They are also not exposed to most natural factors that would make a man into a strong  African bull e.g. hard work thus most lack strength and endurance. 

Most born town men are pretty useless in bed, a few minutes and he has blown up, then cuddle you as if he has just delivered heaven to you while you are there all lit up with no sign of getting an orgasm from this feminine man. 

He lacks the strength to deliver where it matters most, his hands are not strong to give you a good masculine grip and some men a woman even feels like she has a fellow woman in bed.

 Some men are so weak, so feminine including make ups, so soft and some even have large soft buttocks thanks to processed foods. 

However, men brought in rural areas most are not romantic since they are not exposed, in fact to some very primitive ones kissing is equal to drinking your saliva they won’t dare. 

Besides, some never brush their teeth and smell like a goat which has eaten muguka. 

Their idea of sex is the “toa suruari, pinduka” and they “pooof pooof pooof” like a diesel piston all the way to blow up. Their idea of sex is procreation and nothing much.

But to be honest these Shagmondos have stamina like a horse, strength and endurance. 

They grew eating raw cassava mixed with nuts, breakfast was not bread and butter to them but boiled yams, arrow roots and other natural foods. 

The Wanyonyis even chew mukhombero like how town boys chew miraa all day! These guys know mursik, nyoyo, uki (honey), and some other natural foods. 

These rural bred guys are also used to hard work and working in harsh conditions thus their natural strength is all time high.

 Now should you get such a man, despite not knowing how to romance you, he might deliver firebombs between the sheets. He has energy like a tractor working on Uasin Gishu large scale farm, he can even explode severally inside you without ever coming out. 

Their only problem is everything about the game of under the sheets is “dirty” and immediately he is done with you, he will not even want to look at you, or touch you.

 In fact he wants you to get as far away from him as possible! No afterglow cuddling, once he explodes his part is done, lucky you if you got an orgasm before him, and his energy can give you several orgasms but woe unto you if he exploded before you, he won’t bother reciprocating!


But lucky is the woman who gets a man who strikes some balance.

Am I right?

#NariariAuliver2017 #Rhetorics #DrLove


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