Guys think that when a lady stops nagging, stops bothering where you are, who you are with, stops being jealous etc. is a sign that the lady has grown up. They think now it is the time the relationship is super stable.

This is why most guys are caught by surprise when a woman they have been with for years wakes up and walks out of that relationship as if you did not matter at all.

Truth is, most men do not read that as sign of the times.

When a lady stops nagging you, stops bothering where you are and who are you with, stops calling you often, stops being jealous of other women who she imagines wants you, etc. she is slowly walking out of that relationship. Most women walk out emotionally before walking out physically.

So men, if she suddenly stops nagging you, stops bothering you with calls like “where are you? when will you be home?” stops worrying that some other lady is eying you etc. you should really seek to know what is going on with her. Chance are, she is leaving you bit by bit!

Guys, learn to read the signs.

Dr. Love. #NariariAuliver2017