​Are you headed somewhere or not?

Gentlemen at what stage are you in your relationships? Are you confident about her or confused? Are you thinking of marriage by any chance with this woman? 
If the only thing you recall about that relationship is the many times you had to fish your pockets for her hair do, or shopping, or panties, or supper, or airtime and other miscellaneous stuff just to get sex then that woman is just there for her convenience. 

If you can’t recall the last time you made love genuinely without listening to her problems, or how she needs someone to contribute fees for college on behalf of her sick uncle then you need to call yourself to a meeting and ask yourself if you must always pay to stick in that relationship. 

The same women with 99 problems all that require your attention are the same ones that do not have time for you in case you’re in trouble, or incase you need time alone with her, or incase you just need a meaningful conversation with her, they are never there unless you consider one of their problems. 

They are ever angry and intolerant if you don’t put up with their demands. Infact the way they perceive things, having a relationship is having a messianic type of man who brings solutions to problems. 

If you don’t remember being happy with them without having to take out something from your pocket then it’s time to pack, I don’t need to remind you how life will be after marriage. 
Ladies for how long have you been in a relationship? Are you considering this man for marriage or are you still confused. If the only thing you recall in that relationship is sex, emergency pill and femiplan, then that man is just there for the convenience of his penis. 

If you can’t recall the last time you went out for lunch, sat down at home and had a meaningful conversation or did tasks together that did not involve getting naked, then you need to call yourself for a meeting and ask yourself if you must be sex and drug vessel for you to be in that relationship. Incidentally, men obsessed with adventure and sex usually don’t have any other important thing to talk about or do with a woman. 

In short semen is all they will ever offer. Rarely will they talk of a marriage despite the many contraceptives you infuse your body for their sake. 

They will always be broke hence not ready to marry you or get babies. So you’ll be stuck with more sex and more contraceptives.

 If you’re dating a man for a year now, and you still encounter the same problems you had(even worse) before you met then of what good is that relationship? A man should do something to uplift the living standards of his woman no matter how little the effort. 

If your phone is full of his requests to see you and have a good time with you, and when you get to his place you find that all he’s prepared for lunch is a nice bed, chewing gum and water, after which you will exhaust yourself, sleep,  wake up,  listen to music and go home then it’s time to pack and leave, many have been in your shoes before, and they either achieve nothing or at least become proud single mothers. Run and never look back. It’s far much better to be single than used


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