Suspected robbers broke into Equity Bank, Kayole Branch in Nairobi.

Suspected robbers broke into Equity Bank, Kayole Branch in Nairobi, on Saturday night and stole an unknown amount of money.

The suspects are said to have gained access into the building by drilling a hole into a wall on the rear side.

When inside the building, they again broke into the strong room where they managed to break into two huge safes and carted away unknown amount of money.
Police say they found two gas cylinders which the gang used to burn and break the safes to access the cash.

The cash was the weekend’s collection and could run to millions of shillings.
Nairobi police boss Japheth Koome said they were informed of the incident on Sunday at about 3 pm long after it had happened.

“Equity headquarters detected unusual activities at the Kayole branch and raised the manager who went to check and realized the strong room had been tampered with and cash stolen,” he said.

Koome said the gang may have had information on how the bank is set up given the way they drilled the wall, and later used the gas cylinders to break into the safes.

And after their mission was complete, they left their cylinders in the strong room and escaped. The guard who was on duty at the main entrance did not realise what was going on inside the bank.

“They must have taken long to gain to all those places,” said Koome.

The number of those involved is not known. The guard who was on duty was later arrested and is helping with investigations.

It is also yet to be established how the suspects managed to disable the bank’s CCTV and alarm systems.

Police suspect that the theft was organised with the help of bank staff but investigations are ongoing.

Bank officials are yet to record statements with the police and they have asked for more time to reconcile their books to establish how much was stolen.

Last year thugs, posing as Equity Bank auditors, stole Sh30 million from the Othaya branch in Nyeri county.

The three-armed robbers arrived at 6.50am and identified themselves as auditors from Equity Nairobi branch.


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