Why The Word Ambulance is usually written from right to left.

An ambulance with the word ”AMBULANCE”written form right to left.

The ‘FIRE’ on fire engine and ‘AMBULANCE’ are written from right to left.

The word FIRE on the fire engines and AMBULANCE are always written from the right to left. The alternation is meant to alert the other motorists who are ahead on the road to pave .This is because the other driver will look from the side mirror which enables him or  to read from left to right in return paving the way.

The tiny hole on the side of a biro pen.

The hole on the ball pen side is meant to remove the air inside the plastic covering the tube. This is because the accumulation of air will lead to blowing up of the pen.

Why buttons on male shirts are on the left while the female are on the right.

Shirts first came into existence in the 18th century. At that time,buttons were associated with the rich. Therefore most women who wore buttoned shirts were wealthy and were dressed by their maids and assistants. With the assumption that most people are right handed. The designers placed the buttons on the left side to enable the maid’s button them faster. Men dressed on their own and that is why the buttons are on the right.

Why erasers have blue and red side.

If you ask a school going kid or even an adult why the rubber has a red and blue side,they are most likely to answer that the red side is for erasing pencil writings while the blue side is for erasing ink writings. However,this is not the reason.

The red side is meant to erase pencil writings on soft surfaces like paper while the blue is for rubbing off the same pencil writings but on hard surfaces like wood.

The small and large pocket on jeans.

Most of us like wearing jeans trousers and shorts to work during weekends or on casual events.Most of the jeans usually have a smaller and thinner pocket on top of the bigger front one.

Jeans too can be traced to back in the 18th century,a time when the Americas had real cowboys who went herding on their horses wearing round leather caps,boots and of course the tight wide bottomed jeans. The pocket was designed for them to put in their small clocks to check the time every now and then. The practice is still existing and that is why most of the jeans worn in Kenya are imported as second hand from those nations.

The small hole next to keyhole on the padlock.

The hole is meant to drain water that might get into the padlock when it is used during a rainy day. It is also meant for lubrication in case the springs inside dry up after a long period of use.


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