Police Pocket Radio Traced. 

The Four Officers Suspected For Murder of Lawyer Willie Kimani, Driver And His Client

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A police pocket radio in the possession of Sgt Fredrick Leliman, one of the suspects charged with murdering lawyer Willie Kimani, his client and their taxi driver was traced to the suspected site of the killings, Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery has said.

Mr Nkaissery said the radio remained in that same location in Nairobi’s Soweto slum, believed to be the site of the killings, then moved to Juja before it went out of range on the day the three disappeared.

He said residents of a dwelling near Soweto saw a car near the site and informed a neighbour, a policeman, who works at the Mlolongo Weighbridge.


The officer challenged the two people he found near the car and they told him they were police officers.

He believed them because one of them had a police pocket radio.

The officer later found another car with six people near the same spot.

Mr Nkaissery said the killings are believed to have taken place in Soweto.

“There is circumstantial evidence at the moment but there is no evidence to show who pulled the trigger, who hit the fellow,” said Mr Nkaissery.


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