The guy who isn’t worth it.

To the guy who isn’t worth it,
Damn, bro.

That girl must really love you. After everything you’ve put her through, she’s still willing to be there for you. After everything you’ve done to her, she’s still willing to try with you. After everything you’ve made her feel, she’s still willing to make it work with you.

What does that mean to you? Doesn’t that tell you that you should be a better man? Shouldn’t that prove to you that she’s real? Even with the broken trust you’ve caused her to have, she still wants to rebuild trust with you.

Even with the broken personality you’ve caused her to develop, she still wants to find a way to be happy around you. Even with the broken heart you’ve caused her to carry, she still wants to see the good in you.


A girl like her is so hard to be find and even harder to keep. And you? You’ve shown her that you are undeserving and unworthy of her on so many occasions and yet, you are still the one guy she can’t see herself without.

She has nothing but selfless love for you where as long as you’re happy, she doesn’t care if she’s miserable because seeing you happy is all she wants. Well, I think she’s been miserable at your expense for long enough and it’s time you man up to make her happy like you used to because she still believes that you could.

Don’t make her think she was wrong about you.



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