wpid-1442561885695.jpgBro, there is nothing wrong with being in a serious relationship with a girl while you’re young. No, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of your freedom. No, it doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to have fun anymore.


No, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy being young. You can still be free, you can still have fun, and you can still enjoy being young, all with your girl by your side. You can still go out and experience the world, but what’s wrong with sharing those experiences with someone special?


You can still have fun and live it up, but what’s wrong with creating memories with that one girl and being able to look back on them with her? You can still go out to the clubs or have some drinks at the bars, but what’s wrong with coming home with her at 2AM in the morning and being unable to sleep, so you guys order some food and turn on a movie?


There’s nothing wrong with falling in love with a girl while you’re young, because that only means you two have more time together. There’s nothing wrong with settling down with a girl early, because that only means you got luckier than most guys who try to find something real.


There’s nothing wrong with being tied down to just one girl, because that only means you’re already seen what’s out there and you know you’ll never find better than her. If you look at being with a girl while you’re young as something that means your life is over, then you’ve been doing it wrong.