To be my woman you gotta meet MY conditions.

To be my woman you gotta meet MY conditions :
•If you smoke,I will give u a grace period ..U MUST stop smoking within a month of us dating
•No male friends (3 is enough and you must account how the friendship came about)
•We take care of each other…..It is NOT my job to be your father where u take and you don’t give .
•No TURNING UP every weekend
•No communication with other men……FOR WHAT EXACTLY,unless its work related or its your father or cousins ?
•No sleeping overs at friends houses….For what?
•Girls Night outs are limited to 6 per year .
•Your phone stays on at all times and it is never unanswered unless u are with your mother and I have her numbers to reach her when I’m failing to reach you .
•AGAIN……..NO MALE FRIENDS .Guys and Girls can’t be friends .They are ONLY friends if the GUY failed or he is still HOPING .Its not that I don’t trust you .Its him I don’t trust so I rather you are NOT exposed to danger .
•I don’t choose or judge your friends even if one of them is a hoe .Just as long as on her hoe nights you are not there …..Don’t choose my friends either .Whether they are male whores or not……I am not them .
•DONT go through my phone and I won’t go through yours .I will probably do once in a year though .
•Dont pick fights with me in front of my friends .
•Be clean……..ALWAYS !
•Be smart
•Respect and allow my stupid moments
•Allow me to fck up and make mistakes . I’m simply learning how to be the right guy for you…..You should also learn how to be the perfect woman for me .
•Be patient with me .I’m still learning
•Love s*x just as much as I do
•Never compare me to any other man or your Exs .I am not trying to replace them .All I’m giving is me.
•E ba le seriti (Direct translation :You must have a shadow smile emoticon )
•You can’t know more than 1 guy at every party we go to …..In fact many GUYS must not know you.
•You can’t know more guys than me
•You must be doing something with your life …..Have ambition and direction .
•You must respect your parents and siblings……P
ut them 1st before me before I can even think of loving you .
•You must not be a heavy drinker and on most times you are drinking its gotta be WITH ME .
Unfortunately I am NOT available for applications smile emoticon


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