State Of Security Of Busia County.

Thieves vandalise solar lights in Busia town under police watch

Busia residents are lost for words after unknown people vandalised two solar lights and made away with panels and batteries as police watched.

What is shocking is that the destroyed solar lights are less than twenty meters from the Korinda roadblock manned by not less than four police officers day and night.

The first solar light was cut by the thieves from the bottom using a saw and after bringing it down, they removed the lamp, two solar panels and the battery .

Considering that the solar lights were installed on a line from Busia town to Korinda at a close interval, and are always on throughout the night, all these must have been done with lights on and bright enough for the thieves to be spotted even from as far as one hundred meters away.

They then moved to the second one and, without bringing it down, forced the battery box open and removed the battery.

The battery box is located almost eight meters high on the solar light and any ordinary person requires to clump on a ladder in order to reach it.

With reports that each of the solar lights installed by Ayoti distributors cost the tax payer one million shillings, Busia residents have lost two million shillings through theft that is preventable.


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