God save Kenyans from UHURU/ RUTO! Another 30 billion scandal cooked in State House.

God save Kenyans from UHURU/
RUTO! Another 30 billion scandal
cooked in State House
Friday February 26, 2016 – Renowned city
lawyer, Ahmednasir Abdullahi, is soon
set to reveal another Sh 30 billion
scandal that was cooked by the Jubilee
Government, the Judiciary and
Safaricom Company Limited.
Terming it as ‘Safaricomgate Scandal’ ,
Abdullahi, who is the owner of Nairobi
Law Monthly , says he will reveal how
State House looted billions after
awarding Safaricom Company a
security tender to install cameras in
Nairobi and Mombasa.
He said the scandal involved senior
State House operatives, Court of Appeal
judges and senior managers and board
members at Safaricom.
The fearless lawyer who has since fallen
out with his Jubilee colleagues said his
article will expose the deep rot in our
Judiciary, Legislature and Executive.
In November 2014, Safaricom Ltd won
the Sh 30 billion 4 year deal that will
see an establishment of a National
Surveillance, Communication and
Control System for Nairobi and
The project was also supposed to install
surveillance cameras in the two cities to
provide real-time footage to the
National Police Operations Command
But so far nothing has been done and
the cameras are not working – The
project is now like a white elephant
siphoning taxpayers’ money.
Ahmednasir said that he will publish
full details of ‘Safaricomgate Scandal’ in
Nairobi Law Monthly’s March edition.
Here is the screenshot of the paper



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