Does she miss getting some loving.


Does she miss having a boyfriend? Yes. Does she miss having someone to talk to? Of course. Does she miss having that one guy who she can spend her time with? Absolutely. Does she miss cuddling with someone during the day or as she falls asleep? You know it. Does she miss being in a relationship?

Truthfully, yeah. Does she miss getting some lovin’ from that special someone? Oh, hell yeah. Does she miss having someone who’s always there for her? Admittedly, yes. Does she miss going on dates and celebrating anniversaries? She really does. Does she miss being spoiled by a guy who truly adores her?

Oh my god, yes. Does she miss being told that she’s missed and loved by a guy that she misses and loves dearly? The answer is yes.
But does she miss getting lied to? No. Does she miss arguing over the same stupid things? Of course not. Does she miss being told that she’s crazy?

Absolutely not. Does she miss crying every so often? You know she doesn’t. Does she miss being misunderstood when she’s trying to explain how she feels? Truthfully, no. Does she miss sharing a bed with someone she feels so distant from?

Oh, hell no. Does she miss stressing over a guy who just seems to add on more stress? Admittedly, no. Does she miss breaking up just to get beck together only to break up again? She really doesn’t.

Does she miss feeling like a bad girlfriend because her boyfriend would make her feel like shit? Oh my God, no. Does she miss hating and resenting the guy who’s supposed to make her happy and joyful? The answer is no.
And that’s why she’s better off single


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