Hide and Seek.

Bako: I’m coming to see you, I don’t care about the petrol prices or anything, I’m coming no matter what.
Girl: Awwww …Okay I’m gonna get ready, baby.
Bako: I love you, I can’t wait to see you… I’m getting ready to leave
Girl: Okay but honey I’m on my period, just letting you know.
Bako: My car just blew up, I can’t come to see you today again.
Girl: Aww… Get your friend to bring you, he always does.
Bako: He got shot, I can’t come anymore…. I’m sorry.
Girl: Oh never mind, I’m not on my period. My panties are just red hot.
Bako: My friend said he’s okay, he’s gonna bring me now. I’m coming.
Girl: Just kidding… I’m really on my period.
Bako: Damn, my friend got shot again!!

Nariari Auliver ™.


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