From all the currencies of my knowledge, A Kenyan Shilling has now proven to have a sweet taste to anybody that has ever served the government.
      A councillor was a civil servant at ward level in the local government as per the earlier Constitution or just before 2013 General Election.
      I fail to mention that name now because it appears nowhere in our current constitution.
      These people ceased to exist and did not retire as they oblige.
My few questions are…
       If they claim they are abandoned and living in poverty, why should they be allowed to park their vehicles free?
      How did they arrive to a conclusion of Senator Hon. Lonyangapuo as their representative?
       And whom was Hon. Lonyangapuo representing?
How did they manage to hold their convention at Kasarani or who funded the meeting and their transport.
      In many Municipality that they served they had a better tittle of Land grabbers than Councillors.  
This is game that if not well played its getting a common Mwananchi sweating for just someone who slept during his/her reign



Nariari Auliver™


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